Premium Theme & Design Landing Page: Modern site design oriented for Desktop, Laptop and Mobile viewing. Responsive and Mobile-Ready to look great on any device, from mobile to desktop and beyond. Clean responsive design + Structured Design Elements; fits to any screen and loads fast.

  • WordPress Platform: For ease of administration, editing content, and future expandability.
  • Total Site Configuration: Turn-key ready website, connected to email addresses, security, business information setup, location, and all essential plugins necessary to fully operate the online website. (Included.)
  • Landing Page Design and Layout up to 500 words
  • Content Setup: Setup Business content, social media connection (Facebook, Twitter, Google, YouTube), widgets, sidebars, published content, layout setup to launch ready. (Content must be provided or added.)
  • Graphics Setup: Include setup and acquisition of all stock images used by our designers. (Provide all custom logo, product or custom images.)
  • Hosting Setup: Includes setup of site on Hosting or Test site. Domain and Hosting must be provided.
  • Performance Tuning: Optimize the site for maximum performance, viewers, and traffic flow.
  • Quality Assurance: Performance test and module testing of the site on iPhone, iPad, Android, PC and Laptop. Compatibility testing with Chrome, Safari, Firefox and IE. (Included.)
  • License Assurance: We guarantee FREE of any future license/transfer fees or on-going royalty fees. Your site is 100% your ownership. (Included.)

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